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Why did he dump me?

You met with him several times and think that everything is going great, right? By the time he stopped ringing or respond to your calls. You think: “Where I was wrong?” But whether it is at fault or you’re just not took to us?
Here are some possible reasons that men cited as a motive to dump his girlfriend.

1. Not ready to commit.
This is one of the most common reasons that men justify their behavior. One or two meetings, maybe sex and there. Suddenly you stop ringing or when you search for it, it is always busy. The truth is that just wanted to have fun and not really ready to commit.

2. “It suffocates me.”
Frequent ringing of the phone repetitions how much you love and how you can not live without it, most men crazy. Especially if it calls 10 times a day. And especially if you know just a week. This behavior stifles man and he feels trapped, of which simply can not wait to escape.

3. His best friend just got married.
His best friend is already married, which in turn scares the hell your mate. He sees his friend’s life changed and is worried that waiting for him. Men fear that marriage as the fact that you may be the last woman in his life. Easier it would be if they knew that sometimes we are afraid no less from them.

4. act too motherly to him.
Many men complain that girlfriends / wives them as children. Constantly quarrel not to do this or that, that command with a tone that their bristle hair. This scares a man and certainly more reason to seek you. Nothing too is not good. Caring for a loved one must also be a limit and not be turned into a noose.

5. “I want variety.”
Men love to go out, to flirt and to feel wanted, like us. Most of the gentlemen difficulty penetrating the area of ‚Äč‚Äčmonogamieto as love the variety of ladies in your life.