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I loved her, and she left me

Hello, I want to share my story. I vraka five months with a girl .. 17. I’m 20. 5 months in which we were constantly together and we never got tired, we went through anything, through many good times are unlikely to forget as I and she said. We’ve seen are sad, happy, angry, etc. .. helped her. We Love. It made a hell of a lot to me, and I and tempering twice because appreciate it .. We were at sea together, first with her boy and a friend to me. And there remained quite pleasant memories.

Here, the sea after she left the village of his friends who knew them from a baby. It is there ny summer you go for a month or two. Now .. wouldnt go for 20 days, for me, would otherwise remain plenty. So I sent her to the station with a bouquet, she cried and told me how much he loved me and how I was the first in her life, how was anxious to come to me, and he hopes to not break a lifetime but only for those 20 days … well, here we go .. It happened, forget me. January hear from her not. Max 2 times a day, and then for 2-3 minutes, I was nervous, because 100% of Mojto time thinking about her while she there with friends, companies .. do not know what ‘doing and so on. Do not jealous, just wanted to remembers plenty for me. He told me that he can not speak it was out with friends. Started acting cold (which it denied) not shared anything with me, wondering what to talk on the phone, then it became a scandal. She started crying and I started to apologize, that would not be repeated.

After this scandal, nothing has changed, she started behaving more cold with me. WHOLE vacation one kind word not told me, I would love you .. I miss you .. and so frequent scandals were just 3. After these three scandals on the phone, she wished to divide the EU that it could and that he harass NON STOP which is not true, 2-3 times a day I hear from her not in, and there were days in the eu hear once. I again wrote a novel, how sorry and so, the next day she called me, then at the other again and again my silent phone. I could not stand .. I worked at night alone and crazy as I know she is out at this Рtime. I asked her, why Dyjí Chateau so, what is it? she told me that there was nothing.

And the next day I decided to surprise her and went to the other end of Bulgaria by bus to see her, I said that I travel, she did not answer. And what? Meet that me scandals, roar, how I’m supposed to come (actually so Aunt where is gravely ill and her husband had cancer, I could stay there, but I was not my goal that I wanted to spend day with it ..) started to cry, how I’m supposed to come from, how and fucked vacations, how best – and best friend had RD today because I could not attend, he said he did not love me anymore and to get out, no sense, etc. and there was no chance to fix it. (How it is, 10 days ago talking to me, and that five meaty how much he loved me, how I am single and so on, and has no feelings without being seen and 2-3 in the scandal teleofna that are normal me) So, after 1 hour scandals took their trip back …. broken. She threw me out.

In the next few days trying to strike up a chat or conversation with her, do not receive waved me on Facebook (because I teased her with my status updates to it) then wiped and pictures. I can not eat, do not sleep properly, drink Valerian, and I can not continue like this, she said to go in Sofia would call me. Why are you playing? To fight you for it, and today she told me that they still think of these things, however, would call me in Sofia. It just here me out, they are full of my gifts and letters …. but is it worth to forgive and after coming back .. dreaming it many times, cry … I can not figure out how to forget everything our memories?

Gemini is. How so easily left me .. It had to come one day, and I had prepared a surprise to light candles in the shape of a heart in front of them, but it does come, is still in the countryside. two days after my birthday and obviously will not come. While her her birthday I tried to remember it was 3 months ago. And write nice things, and I share, it does not answer them, whether strangle her? To stop it except look, although I do not want to stay with hope or decelerated for some cliché that if she leaves she will call me .. I do not believe.