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Now what

dumpedIf she dumped you and no longer want to hear about you, if you’ve caught them with another with which she cheated recent months …. fooling whom? Because it really is not worth to suffer, but suffering. And do stupidity after stupidity.

Very clearly, it is very nasty to dump. The question is how to come out of this situation with your head up and reserved dignity. Humiliated her enough to humiliate yourself further. During the crisis period, during which you will pass, you’ll do things that you know you should not do, but I do like it in spite of himself. At such moments one is not visible side and does not know what does.

Almost certainly it will be out in the first days after the separation – the question is not too long. For starters Narev is nice. And as before, go phone and call guys that are very much like, but do not sleep because mistakenly thought that loyalty is a virtue. If sleep with one of them the first days after pruning, even better! For self-esteem and towing the line in the past. But really there are limits that should not be passed. Well, maybe a little to bring them closer. It is important to keep your dignity. Lest you think one day, “How could so to expose? Where was my wits? “.

You will not read clich├ęs: Time heals; A blessing in disguise; Life goes on, and he does not deserve; You’ll find good. The bad news is that at first you will think that this is nonsense and that this love will not find. Think, but while suffering, having to master. The good news is that all the above cliches are true, but I will know in time. How long, however, it depends only on you. But until that time comes, it will go through many stages of crisis.